8 Ways To Increase Breast Milk

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You can definitely improve the flow and quality of your breastmilk by considering the following steps:


  1. Improve the latching position:

If you think your breastfeeding position is the best of the rest, think again.

Many newborn babies are unable to get the feed properly because of an improper latching position. This usually happens in case of first-time mums. You need to be in a comfortable posture when feeding, so use a pillow, cushion or whatever that supports you properly. Discuss with your doctor or nurse about various latching positions on how to breastfeed, and pick the one that suits you the most.

  1. Frequent Breastfeeding:

The more you breastfeed, the more will the milk be generated – it is as simple as that!

  1. Drain out one breast before switching to the other:

When one breast is completely drained, it starts to produce more milk as compared to the breast that still has some milk left in it. Therefore, to increase the milk flow, breast feed your baby from one side till the breast becomes empty and then switch to the next one. To increase the breast milk production, you can empty the breasts by expressing the breastmilk and storing it safely.

  1. Hydrate your own body before sitting down to breastfeed:

Drink a glass of water or juice or any hydrating fresh liquid right before sitting down to breastfeed your little one. You may notice the difference yourself.

  1. Massage before starting the feed.

We already know that massaging our body increases blood flow and rejuvenates our body. The same principle applies here. Gently massage your breasts before starting the breastfeed process. This will improve the flow of the milk. If you are using a breast pump to express your milk, it is advised to massage each breast before starting to pump. Express milk for 15 minutes, then take a short break to massage that breast again and then continue for the next 15 minutes. Repeat this process for the other breast.

  1. Go for Home Remedies:

Before you give up and go for a medication to boost your milk production, always give home remedies a chance. They are easy to access, do not cost much and are really effective.

Drink a glass of water right before starting the feed.

Green leafy vegetables, and underground fruit/ veggies like beetroot and carrots,etc.

Check out the list of home remedies that the mothers on our Facebook page and whatsapp group swear by.

  • Brukina,
  • soup
  • Oat meal,
  • Mashed kenkey with milk and groundnut
  • Corn dough porridge without milk
  • cup of Milo with lots of milk
  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables.
  • rub Shea butter on the breast gently
  • Sugar cane
  • Fresh groundnuts
  • Roasted corn and peanuts
  • rice water, make it light and don’t add milk
  • Zoomkoom( roasted millet flour mixed with lots of hot water and shea butter)
  • Almond nuts

Give each remedy a couple of days to work before shunning it out.

  1. Eat Well:

This sounds simple but works magic. Remember, whatever you eat will be reflected in your breast milk – not only by nutrients but also by taste. Also, if you are feeling that your baby is not enjoying prolong breast milk, it might be due to the taste. Try changing your diet. It may actually work.

Green leafy vegetables along with nuts are said to increase the supply of breast milk. Beetroots and Carrots are said to work magic in this regard. However, beetroot may change the flavor of your milk which your newborn may not like. Include carrots in salads and soups – whichever medium you prefer.

  1. Get a lot of rest

Stress is bad! The more stress you take on not having enough breast milk for your baby, the more are you suppressing the milk production process. Get as much rest and peace of mind as possible.

Just relax.

Sit in a soothing and calm environment with your baby, play with her for a while and then start to feed. Do not think about a fight you had at work or how to clean that sofa stain – just relax and let your baby nourish herself.

The advantages of breastmilk are enormous, to say the least. By following the above mentioned steps you can actually improve the quality and flow of your breastmilk many-folds. Give them a try!

What helped you in increasing YOUR milk flow?

Do you know something we don’t? Share your tip here!


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